IT Infrastructure

Nowadays the implementation of information technologies goes together with the increased requirements for adaptability, efficiency, and scalability of equipment as well as for information security, accessibility of data and applications, operational reliability. These factors directly affect operational efficiency and return on IT investments made in information technologies.

Considering individual needs of the clients BROOC Company offers setting up:

  • data transmission networks;
  • classical and IP telephone systems;
  • data processing systems;
  • data storage systems;
  • backup systems;
  • uninterruptible power supply systems;
  • monitoring and control systems;
  • information security systems.

Construction of the client IT infrastructure includes the following list of possible activities:

  • carrying out an audit of the client IT infrastructure;
  • analysis of the collected data;
  • defining requirements for IT infrastructure together with a client;
  • design and generation of technical solution;
  • client’s approval and solution finalizing;
  • preparation of system operation documentation;
  • approval of a plan for the company employees’ training on operation and maintenance of the system;
  • equipment and software supply;
  • system installation, setup, and putting into operation;
  • system maintenance;
  • guarantee and post-guarantee service.

BROOC Company pays special attention to the close cooperation with the clients, making it possible to find optimal technological and investment solutions that totally meet business requirements of a client.

In our optimal technological solutions we use products of the world IT leaders, such as HP, IBM, Dell, Lenovo, EMC, NetApp, Hitachi, Cisco, Juniper, Avaya, Microsoft, Oracle, Symantec, APC, Emerson, Eaton, and others.