IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing is delegation of issues related to the development, implementation and maintenance of information systems both at the level of the enterprise infrastructure (hardware or software maintenance) and the scope of work related to the development and/or support of system individual section functioning (programming, testing, etc.) to an external specialized company.

In other words, it is proposed to entrust professionals to do their job, so that you don’t get distracted from your main activity and inflate the staff, increase salary costs, taxes, etc.

BROOC Company offers the following services for IT outsourcing:

  • computer maintenance;
  • software installation and setup;
  • checking the correctness of computer equipment;
  • fixing data organization errors on computers;
  • scanning and removing viruses;
  • setting up the best operating system configuration;
  • assistance in installation of new equipment and software;
  • local area network maintenance;
  • troubleshooting computer hardware issues;
  • development recommendations;
  • answers to user questions;
  • cleaning computers and printers from dust;
  • organization of data backup, etc.