Solutions and Services

BROOC Company specializes in development and implementation of complex solutions for creation and modernization of the enterprise telecommunications infrastructure with integration of diverse multivendor systems and solutions.

The solutions offered by BROOC specialists consider the features of the existing telecommunications infrastructure and the specificity of your activity in order to integrate network and infrastructure components, network and information security complexes.

By taking an individual approach to solution finding for each specific task we give our customers confidence that our solutions will work as effectively as possible. Contact us and tell us about your project, we will help you make an objective assessment of the situation and find an optimal solution.

The main activities of our company are:

  • Data-processing networks;
  • Wireless networks;
  • Access control and management systems;
  • Closed-circuit television systems.

A well-designed IT infrastructure has a number of advantages:

  • Optimization of running costs;
  • Minimization of IT infrastructure scaling costs;
  • Minimization of risks related to integrating, updating, or replacing IT infrastructure components;
  • Increase in IT service performance, security, and controllability;
  • Clear definition of IT service tasks in the company, predictability of its workload and efficiency, workforce optimization, planning IT specialists’ development;
  • Clear definition of problems solved with IT, definition of the criteria for successful solution of main IT tasks and ways of their implementation.

BROOC Company has highly qualified staff. We have gained extensive experience in integrating various telecommunications systems. This enables us to implement projects of almost any scale and complexity from setting up a small LAN for a corporate customer to complex corporate solutions.