Corporate Television Broadcasting Systems

BROOC Company offers Corporate Television services to its clients. Using experience obtained in multimedia system creation we offer an effective tool for creating, managing and broadcasting content for the company employees and customers.

Effective communication and delivery of important information are keys to the company success.

The corporate television broadcasting system provides:

  • delivery of important information to the company employees, especially when they are in separate offices;
  • increase in the employees’ involvement in the life and activities of the company;
  • establishment of additional corporate communications, especially with employees who rarely use or don’t use email;
  • motivation increase;
  • decrease in workplace incidents and increase in emergency preparedness;
  • display of content that strengthens company standards, introduces products and processes, and training materials;
  • display of the company achievements and goals;
  • creation of a company channel for the target audience: employees, managers, visitors, etc.

Corporate television system overview

Content creation. You can create content from scratch (graphics, videos, flash, sound) or use existing marketing materials created with your favorite tools, add dynamic data from different sources (news feeds, social media, or other third-party content).

Content Management. Create required channels using templates, playlists, and schedules to present content to the target audience.

Easy to use. Thanks to a centralized management system, the delivery and management of media content are carried out easily either on one display or on hundreds of them anywhere: on different floors, in separate offices, buildings, cities, countries.

Easy to scale. The system provides quick adaptation, scaling and development in parallel with your company, responding to challenges and requirement changes.

Contact BROOC Company and we will provide you with an optimal solution for creating a corporate television broadcasting system.