Structured Cable Systems

Structured cable systems (SCS) are the basis of any IT infrastructure construction. The SCS elements combine users’ workplaces and equipment into a single network and serve to transfer data, video, voice, and other information between different information systems.

SCS should be universal. It should be compatible with software and equipment of different manufacturers; flexible to provide quick rearrange, change and scale of the network structure depending on the client needs; reliable to ensure uninterrupted operation and durable.

It should be noted that a cable system is a part of the network infrastructure with the longest service life. Therefore, a properly designed and installed cable network will reduce costs related to its further operation.

One of the SCS key characteristics is its invisibility to users. On the one hand, the SCS should provide completion of all tasks, be convenient, on the other hand, it should organically fit into the office design and not hinder users. Therefore, the SCS design often requires the construction of cable duct — false floors, cable-channels, ceiling, and floor plinths, etc. as well as special preparation of floors and walls.

The highly qualified specialists of BROOC Company are ready to carry out the creation of SCS at any facility as soon as possible and with maximum quality in full accordance with the client requirements.

We offer a full range of solutions for the cable system construction based on unshielded and shielded twisted pair — Cat 5e, Cat 6 (Class E), augmented Сat 6 — Сat 6A (Class EA), Cat 7/7A (Class F/FA) as well as single-mode and multimode fiber-optic cable systems.

The main steps of structured cable network creation are:

  1. Preliminary studies

Our engineers will carry out an audit of the facility and together with a client will define the Technical Assignment.

  1. Design

On the basis of the Technical Assignment the engineers draw up the SCS design draft and confirm it with a client.

  1. Equipment supply and system installation

Installation is carried out by the qualified craftsmen under the control of a leading engineer.

  1. Testing and marking

The installed SCS is tested to confirm the functionality of the SCS parts, the elements are marked for user convenience.

  1. Servicing

After completion of the project the SCS is maintained to ensure its uninterrupted operation, changes and modernization of the SCS parts, as well as guarantee support of the system.

By contacting BROOC Company you get a serious partner that fulfills its obligations at the highest level within the agreed time frame!

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